A Technically Advanced LCM With Dramatic Performance

Better Than Fiber & Graphite With

NO sheen NO mess &

NO change in fluid viscosity!

On Sea 



 On Land

A Technically Advanced LCM
Dramatic Performance

10 lbs/bbl added & hot rolled.
Tested with 190 micron disk @ 250 F

Dramatic reduction in fluid loss and with no changes in viscosity or emulsion stability provides a lower ECD and the corresponding decrease in wellbore problems.

Current rig rates dictate faster drilling because time is money. XP-911 performs in water base fluids with equal performance, but oil base drilling fluids are often more traditional to operators because they drill faster.  

Whole mud loss can evaporate the savings. Many bridging agents alter the rheology, which exacerbates the loss situation, and often causes water & oil wetting that creates mushy solids, blinding screens and clogging flow lines.
Now you can have your cake and eat it too; because XP-911 seals better than any fiber and most graphitic materials too without changing mud properties.

What is it?

Formed with raw carbon and then scientifically sized to cover a broad spectrum of micron sizes. It can be used to seal permeable zones from 10 microns to 190 microns with equal effect.

Why is this important?

Permeable formations are not all one size, but what about reservoir impairment and acid solubility? Tests conducted with a major oil company’s recommendation show zero reservoir impairment. No, it is not acid soluble and does not need to be, because the particle size is larger than 5 microns and it is polymeric materials smaller than 5 microns that cause reservoir damage. We all know CaCO3 is not the solution whether acid soluble or not. Massive amounts of CaCO3 will cause reservoir sealing and acidizing on the Gulf Coast is not always practical. XP-911 seals without damaging the reservoir, and it works with downhole motors too. Talk to a Setac representative and get the whole story.

Additive Benefits

Testing in a downhole motor, found XP-911 to be compatible and not cause any damage, and may act as a lubricant.

XP-911 will not change the fluid viscosity even with 50 lbs. Per barrel added to any mud. The product is compatible with any water base and any oil base mud with equal performance.

XP-911 should be added in 15 lb/bbl sweeps until the product is seen coming over the shaker. Decrease the amount in the sweeps until the thief zone stops taking mud and product quits coming over the shaker screen.

The product is slippery and spills cleaned up as soon as possible. Any wet product should be removed with an absorbent material and disposed of by appropriate regulations.

XP-911 is compatible with any other LCM including fiber materials.