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A Low Cost Drilling Fluid Conditioning Agent That Dramatically
Torque & Drag-HT/HP Filtration-Whole Mud Loss

Works Efficiently & Safely In Oil, Synthetic Or Water Base Mud
No Sheen! Non Toxic! Super Performance!
  • Boremaster is a reinforced carbon-carbon matrix that is environmental friendly and will not sheen or coalesces, yet seals micro fissures as small as five microns and continues to seal up to ninety microns. Boremaster replaces Gilsonite and sulfonated asphalt for improved shale stability and HTHP filtrate loss control through a unique particle size distribution process and micro-sealing technique.

  • Boremaster can be used safely on and off shore, and is compatible in directional holes with all mud motors and will not cause any reservoir impairment to producing formations.
  • Boremaster is compatible with all filtrate loss control agents and reduces the requirement for fiber seepage loss materials with the added advantage of a harder and thinner filter cake for better tool clearance and reduced torque and drag. Boremaster will not water or oil wet and become mushy, as does fiber. Boremaster treatments mix easily in the mud system whether oil or water base with a standard hopper. 

Boremaster comparison with high priced LCM agent in a Generic # 7 mud. The test was conducted at 250ยบ F. and 1800 PSI with a 35 micron disk

  • Boremaster acts quickly to reduce the HTHP filtrate loss and also will reduce whole mud seepage loss in porous formations without increasing the fluid viscosity.

  • Boremaster is compatible with water base and diesel oil mud systems and has an advantage over plain lignite in calcium or salt contaminated systems with better filtrate loss performance.

(A) compared with a polymeric
HT/HP resin type filtrate control
agent (B)