BORE SLICK is composed of carbon particles that have been specifically selected and sized intentionally to achieve an ideal particle size distribution for directional drilling operations. Each particle is held together by a system of covalent, carbon-carbon bonds requiring great energy to crush or break. As a result, these particles retain their shape during the drilling process and will not dissolve in any known solvent under normal conditions. Yet, they demonstrate a certain degree of elasticity, which allows them to be utilized in down-hole motors without abrasion.

What Is The Intended Use?

BORE SLICK will reduce torque and drag, seal permeable formations and dramatically improve sliding during directional drilling operations. Since the particles are insolvent, they can be used in any water base fluid, or any oil base fluid, whether diesel or synthetic. They will not sheen, coalesce or change the fluid viscosity even when large amounts are added. More important, the sized particles seal permeable wall cakes, become embedded and provide a ball bearing effect to greatly improve sliding in directional holes with two percent or less in the system. The utilization of particle size distribution allows a particle with a small diameter that will not hinder viscosity measurements in standard viscosity measuring equipment, and at the same time promoting superior sealing capability. Through its inherent design and intentional modification to the particle matrix the wall cake becomes extremely slippery, which greatly improves the lubricity coefficient and dramatically improves sliding during directional drilling operations.

Appearance…………………... Dark Grey Particles
Specific Gravity……………… 2.22-2.25
Dispersible (Not Soluble)……. Water, Seawater, saturated salt, diesel & Synthetic oil
Handling & Application

BORE SLICK will provide sealing and lubrication with very small additions. The amount to be added will depend on the mud weight and the degree of deviation. Unlike liquid lubricants that must be replenished repeatedly, BORE SLICK is incorporated into the wall cake permanently, and only needs to be added during drilling as the depth increases and new wall cake is formed. Ideally, at least one percent (3.5 pounds per barrel) is required, but two percent (7 pounds per barrel) will provide the best sealing and lubrication. In extreme situations 15 pounds per barrel or more can be added without altering the fluid viscosity.

 BORE SLICK is packaged in 50-pound paper bags for easy handling. The product is added through the hopper while circulating.

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