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Setac Corporation offers Boremaster® in Lafayette, LA, which is a low-cost drilling fluid conditioning agent that dramatically
torque and drag-HT/HP filtration-whole mud loss
works efficiently and safely in oil, synthetic, or water base mud.
No sheen! Non toxic! Super performance!

  • Boremaster® is a low cost, environmentally friendly, HT/HP filtrate control agent for salt and calcium contaminated drilling fluids.
  • Boremaster® performs by micro-sealing the wall cake with a superior design over fiber and no viscosity increase.
  • Can be used on and offshore with complete safety and dramatic performance.
  • Provides a harder, thinner, and more slippery wall cake for better tool clearance, reduced torque and drag, and improved formation integrity with new technology over standard asphalt and Gilsonite.
Boremaster Diagram

Boremaster comparison with high priced LCMagent in a Generic # 7 mud. The test was conducted at 250º F. and 1800 PSI with a 35 micron disk.


The ability to perform in both salt and calcium treated mud is not inherent to most HT/HP agents. That capability gives Boremaster™ a decided advantage.

  • Boremaster® is unique because it dramatically reduces HT/HP filtrate loss, but also reduces whole mud loss and contains a lubricity agent for torque and drag.
  • Boremaster® acts fast and works in most water, oil, or synthetic base systems much better than plain lignite.
  • Boremaster® can be used with diesel or synthetic oil additions without coalescing or gunking for dramatic hole sealing. 

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Filtrate Control Agent

(A) compared with a polymeric HT/HP resin type filtrate control
agent (B)

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