Drillfast® Additive in Lafayette, LA

Typical Properties

Appearance: Clear Amber Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 72º F: 0.91-.92
Solubility: Water Insoluble
Flash Point: >300º F
Pour Point: 0º F

Additive Benefits

Setac Corporation’s intended use for Drillfast® Additive in Lafayette, LA is to reduce the lubricity coefficient of water whether contaminated with salt, potassium or calcium. Increasing the penetration rate without altering the fluid viscosity represents a tremendous improvement to lubricant technology. Drillfast® is not an emulsifier or coupler but some emulsification may occur in the presence of other additives and that will cause an increase in viscosity.

Saponification does not appear to occur with calcium treated fluids as it does with some triglycerides, but it may depend on the pH. Foaming does not occur in low pH salt water fluids.

Drillfast® was designed to attract metal surfaces and reduce the sticking coefficient of clay particles. It is an ideal additive for any water-based fluid but is especially useful in completion fluids. It can be used to improve sliding operations for directional drilling and is very useful in this regard. Its purpose is to enhance the lubricity coefficient of water. 1 to 3% is ideal and adding more does not enhance lubricity.

Packaging and Handling

Drillfast® is packaged in 55-gallon poly drums or bulk containers that are appropriately labeled. Drillfast® passed the Microtox Toxicity Test and approved for use in Canada. However, it is an oil and water insoluble. Treat spills just like any other oil spill.

Drillfast®: An Extremely Slippery Fatty Acid Triglyceride Ester

A test conducted on an OFITE Lubricity Tester was conducted with plain water and compared with 3% Drillfast®. The test was conducted at 60 RPM at various torque settings. These are the results:

Torque Plain Water Drillfast
150 31 6.4
250 50 10.7
350 Stall 15.0
450 -550 19.3
-600 23.6

Field trials with Drillfast® indicate similar results in traditional water base fluids. Some years back, tests were conducted by Mondshine and printed in the Oil & Gas Journal. It is interesting to note that while diesel and sulfonated asphalt works well in water and Mud A, the combination does not work well in a conventional mud. Fatty acid works fairly well. The only lubricant that works well in all three systems is one formulated with a blend of modified triglycerides and alcohols. Drillfast® is a modified fatty acid triglyceride ester and conforms to previous tests. A copy of the test results found on page 401 of “Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids” is reproduced below. Further testing can be conducted upon request and compared with other products if desired.

-Concentrations in pounds/bbl except for diesel, which is given in bbl/bbl.-
Mud A-15 g bentonite in 350 ml water; Mud B-15 g bentonite, 60 g Glen Rose shale, 3 g CLS, 0.5 g caustic soda in 350 ml water. It is assumed the values are based on the torque reading at 150 pounds of torque. Water is normally in the range of 32 at 150 pounds of torque. Drillfast® had a torque value of 6.4 at 150 pounds of torque and would not stall even at 600 pounds of torque.

Lubricant Concentration Water Mud A Mud B
None 0.36 0-44 0-23
Diesel Oil 0-1 0-07 0-38 0-23
Asphalt 8 0-16 0-38 0-23
Asphalt & Diesel oil 0-1 0-23 0-38 0-23
Graphite 8 0-36 0-40 0-23
Graphite & Diesel oil 0-1 0-23 0-40 0-23
Fatty Acid 4 0-07 0-14 0-17
Long Chained Alcohol 2 0-16 0-40 0-23
Heavy Metal Soap 2 0-28 0-40 0-23
Heavy alkylate 4 0-17 0-36 0-23
Petroleum Sulfonate 4 0-17 0-32 0-23
Mud Detergent
 – Brand X 4 0-11 0-32 0-23
 – Brand Y 4 0-23 0-32 0-23
 – Brand Z 4 0-15 0-38 0-23
– Silicate 4 0-23 0-30 0-26
– Commercial Det. 4 0-25 0-38 0-25
– Chlorinated Paraffin 4 0-16 0-40 0-25
Blend of modified
 – Triglycerides and Alcohols 4 0-07 0-06 0-17
– Sulfonated Asphalt 8 0-25 0-30 0-25
– Sulfonated Asphalt and Diesel Oil 0-1 0-07 0-06 0-25
– Walnut Hulls 10 0-36 0-44 0-26

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