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A Technically Advanced LCM with Dramatic Performance
Better than Fiber, Mica, Petroleum Coke, and Graphite with No Sheen and No Mess

Description and Benefits

XP-911 is a seepage loss control agent for water and oil-based drilling fluids designed for low cost and maximum performance. The product is composed of an inert and crush-resistant modified carbon matrix that will not react and corrode metal surfaces and is not abrasive.

The particle size distribution provides fine, medium, and coarse particles in one bag that eliminates the requirement for fiber and other loss circulation products. The smallest particle is more massive than five microns, which is the average pore size for production reservoirs and will not clog reservoir pore spaces

Use Recommendation

The superior sealing ability allows low usage requirement. Adding the material in sweeps at 10 to 15 pounds per barrel, depending on the mud weight, achieves the best cost/performance. Use 15 pounds per barrel for mud weights up to 16 pounds per gallon and 10 pounds per barrel for higher mud weights. The sweep will go directly to the thief zone.

Stop adding material when observed coming over the shaker screen. Do not keep any LCM circulating in the system because all LCM of any type and design will be screened out and wasted. XP-911 will not swell or oil or water wet and is compatible with all other mud chemicals, including calcium carbonate.

Laboratory Data

PPT test results in an oil base field mud and a water base generic #7 mud indicate excellent sealing ability with no adverse effects to the mud sample.


XP-911 is inert and will not dissolve in any known solvent. It is not hazardous and does not require any hazard identification.

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